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What's Important:

Credit for Professional Training

demoCollege credit for professional training is important to our students. If you have attended training that has been evaluated for credit, let us know.

Scholarships & Grants:

Financial Aid for Education

More than $67 billion in scholarships and grants was distributed in support of students across the nation. Take advantage of the sites on the Financial Assistance page that match student profiles to potential sources of scholarships and grants.


Student Handbooks

demoBe sure to download the Student Handbook. It walks you through the steps needed for us to provide you with assistance and describes our support.


Welcome to the National College Counseling Center

High Tech College Counseling Uniquely Tailored for You!

You matter to us: You are not a "customer" seeking our services, but are a person whose life can be positively impacted by our support. The positive effect that our support can have on you should last a lifetime and even be a blesssing on your family and those around you. As such, we take our task of providing you with support seriously. Using our state-of-the-art high tech systems with information on thousands of degree programs from hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation, we are exclusively equipped to empower students to find programs of study that match their unique academic accomplishments and align with their needs, goals and desires. We also have more than a thousands resources on our advanced student support website that can enable our students to accelerate their progress to the degree they desire, while saving them time and money.


We are a student-centric operation: Are there things you have done in your life that can contribute to earning your degree? If so, we'll help you get the credit you deserve and apply it to your degree. Your life may be significantly changed by earning a degree. Furthering one's education is the single greatest way to contribute to the goal of achieving success. As you will see on this website, those who earn degrees are less likely to be impacted by unemployment and earn a considerable amount of money over their lifetime. Research has shown that workplace performance of employees of corporations and government agencies significantly improves when they further their education. That is why more adult learners are returning to college today than ever before in the history of this nation. That's precisely why it is so important for you to further your education - so you can become a more valuable asset to your employer or to sharpen your competitive edge when applying for jobs in this tough economy. With our support, we can take you as far as you want to go, from completing high school, to earning college certificates and onward to earning degrees, including Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and even doctorate degrees. Let us help you achieve the success that you desire!

Prepare to be amazed at what we can do for you!

The "WOW" factor: That is what sets us apart from all other counseling services. You see, we don't just provide expert counseling and guidance to students across the nation and around the world and then wish them the best as we pat them on their back and send them on their way. We strategically plan the optimal pathway for each student to achieve his or her goal and are at their side from degree exploration to conferral, providing them with resources to help them accelerate their progress to a cap and gown, while saving time and money. The "WOW" factor describes the reaction that students have when they receive our support. You'll be amazed at what we can do for you, as well!

Supporting individuals, corporations, and government agencies: We currently provide support to corporations and government agencies that employ more than a million people across the nation and around the world. We have hundreds of participating colleges and universities nationwide offering thousands of degrees that can be completed on campus or at a distance, anytime, anywhere. That's why we took on the title as the National College Counseling Center. Of course, our support is available to anyone who wants to benefit from our unique services, cutting-edge systems, and comprehensive resources that we provide to our students. We look forward to helping you, as well!

Quick, Affordable, Your Way


Quick: With our support, you decide how quickly you need to earn the degree and how much time you can put into the study to complete the requirements. With the resources that we make available to our students, you can get on the fast track to a degree and finish in a fraction of the time that would be required if you completed the entire degree in a classroom on campus. Simply earning the degree quickly does not lessen the learning experience. You will learn as much as any other student, it is just that you will be able to set a faster pace to gain the knowledge and accelerate your progress to the degree that you need.


Affordable: We make it possible for you to save thousands of dollars in the pursuit of a degree. We have affordable degree programs from colleges and universities across the nation for you to consider. Our systems are designed to track the cost savings that our students achieve through the support that we offer, assisting them in applying non-traditional college credit to the curricula of traditional degrees across the nation. Our students over the previous twelve years have amassed a potential cost savings of more than $927 million, as well as saving themselves more than 53 million classroom hours. That does not include the millions of dollars in scholarships and grants and other financial assistance that students received to further their education. How much can we save you? We look forward to showing you!


Your Way: Whether you prefer to attend classes on campus at your local college, watch Hollywood-style video courses digitally streamed on the web, engage in interactive online learning experiences, or other methods of instruction, we've got options for you to consider. Your way, in other words, your preferred learning style is important, as it enhances your ability to retain what you learn from the courses you complete. In addition, we have degree programs from participating colleges with maximum flexibility, enabling you to choose most of the courses you want to take to earn your degree your way.

How can we help you achieve success?


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